Mar 12, 2009

American Idol!

Althought I must say that we are really, really behind in American Idol ( so please, no spoilers )!
I do really like it this season.

I would have to say that my favourite contestant is Allison Iraheta
I loved it when she sang Alone - By Heart! It was suprisingly good and from then on she was my favourite contestant.
She is only 16 years old, and lives in Los Angles. Her hair, just randomly, is so great! I love it!
Anyways, I have to do maths now and have my lunch. Which I am not happy about.. I wanna do other more imporant things like my iPod song listening, and practising karate for my tourament this Sunday.

Mar 11, 2009

Wow - I'm Back in The Hood.

Damn! So I'm back, and all of you guy's know it.

So my weeks have been good, and I have a karate competition this weekend to I'm really excited about that! It should be awesome.

I have started at Shakespeare group for homeschoolers, shhh don't tell anyone. I'm quite frankly ashamed of being homeschooled, and bearing that name.
They are mostly a bunch of freaks here in New Zealand.
Overly reglious, dirty, greasy haired losers who don't do any work.
But that's okay, I'm going to school next year, I can't stand being homeschooled any longer, and because of my art and karate stuff, which I could up play a lot, I'm pretty much your average scholarship material girl.
Woot woot.

Randomly; I'm in love with leather jackets, yup, they are so frick'n fantastico that I really, really want one. I'm also in love with purple streaks in blond hair.
I'm on BLOGSKINSnow, so watch out for some skins coming your way. I'm hopeless at them though, and I am in need of some money so I can order some of the good stuff.
F. Y. I . Photo Shop.
At the moment I'm just pasting some pictures of my sister's head on prom dresses she likes. Some of them are seriously creepy!

Anyways my dear friends!! I shall catch you later!

Feb 16, 2009

Long Time Ban

Oops, I was rude again, and so I'm banned of the computer for about a month.
I'm at one of my mum's friend's house on her computer, and I do believe that mum has forgotten about this certain thing!
How Fortunate!
Karatez is going great! I'm getting ready for the first competition of the season, can't wait! But I do have to practise! I am really rooting for gold!
I'm listening to lots of new songs on my beloved old ipod. I'm really in love with She's So Lovely by Scouting for Girls. It was in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and I love that movie playlist! And all the Stiff Dylans music to!
Anyways, I'll be on the computer in about a month or so. April at the lastest!

Feb 14, 2009

Long Week

Forgive me if I'm behind in everything, I was banned off the computer for a whole week for being rude to my mum... I'm sorry mum!
I had a brilliant week though! We went to see two movies, Marley and Me, with my whole family and my dad actually cried!
I thought that was really funny, because my dear father never cries at movies. I don't think I've ever really seen him cry!
I wasn't sad though, because in the end they were happy, because Marley, the very naughty, worstest (is that a word? I don't believe it is) dog in the whole world, ( who died) had had a nice life and they had told him that they loved him with all their hearts and gave him the most beautiful burial.
He died because his stomach flipped over or something weird like that.
This was after having been brought by this man, John (Owen Wilson), for his wife (Jennifer Aniston), as something to keep her from wanting a baby.
It worked for a couple of years, and then she had a baby, anther, and anther. Their life went on like that.
The saddest thing was it was based on a true story.
And to tell you the truth, I had small tears in my eyes, that I kept from falling down. There were a lot of red noses and eyes in the house.
The other movie was He's Just Not That Into You.
I went and saw this with the gals of my household. Dearest mummy, and meanie Sissie.
I had fun watching all the people line up. It was mostly sad looking female persons, and very tolerant men, few in numbers. The place was packed though! To the very seat.
I did think it was an unusual movie to be coming out on Valentines though. He's Just Not That Into You?
But for the actual movie I have no words really. It was wasn't my kinda thing I guess.
Mostly poor rejected women, like those lining up in the theater, but much better looking.
What else happened in my week? Well it was karate karate karate non stop, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. My dog has been sick a bit, a vomiting thing to do with some new dog-roll we think, but I'm pretty sure those of you reading this blog that aren't completely Gross, don't want to hear about that right? There goes that topic!

Well, we could talk about Australia going up in smoke and the poor people who have been dieing in the flames. I reckon those arsonists should get twenty years hard labour and then when their sentence is over, life. Pity they don't do that in Oz. At least, I don't think they do.

Feb 6, 2009

The City of Bones

Aah, Don't you love saying that? "What a novel idea!" I do, does that make me weird?

Maybe. But maybe, just maybe, if you spend so much time with your nose between the pale yellow pages of books, the words literally rub of on you.

I do know, that I try never to include like, or random, or um, in my lingo. I try and speak very clear and quite loud, especially if the person to which I am talking to is old, or perhaps mumbles him or hers self, because then I find they inclined copy my actions, even if it is unconsciously.

But sometimes I do the normal teenage, or tween thing. I stand backwards and shrug and grunt and say "Hello" in a low grumbling voice.
I one day want to be brave enough to lean forward and shake that person's hand! To say "Hi" and mean it! To ask them how their day was and all of that, etc etc.
I do speech and drama lessons once a week, and I do suppose, since then I have become more confident in my words.
We do all the silly stuff, that makes you giggle and laugh in that soundless way that is actually the biggest of laughs.
We make our Cs, and Ks, nice and crisp with our tongues, and repeat "CCccooKKk tooKkk a looKKKk at her CCccookkkery booKKkk" etc etc.
The lady who teaches me is funny, and certainly a very vibrant person, though sometimes she can be a bit draining, she is so full of energy!
We called her Elastigirl because she is so long and bendy! lol.

Last year we did an end of year concert, based on an Alice in Wonderland Theme.

I narrated "The Walrus and The Carpenter" for the little kids play, and then I recited a small poem, something about a Crocodile, I can't remember.
Right at the end there was a large piece, and whole chapter, called "The Mad Tea Party"
I was the Mad Hatter for this, and it was hilarious! I enjoyed myself tremendously! And I daresay, so did everyone else ( Notice my grandiose lingo?)
Anyways, speaking of novels and lingo and all of that extremely boring stuff. i would like to talk about books, oh dearest things!
The latest book I have read is the City of Bones - Book One - The Mortal Instruments - By Cassandra Clare.
It's an awesome book, with sexy demons aka; Shadow Hunters, Vampires and Werewolves and as said by Kelly Link, an epic urban fantasy at its demented delightful best. I agree 100%!
I have yet to read the second book, but I would defiantly recommend this to anyone still weaning off Twilight and HP, though in truth, it may just been anther series that is going to take away your heart again. Be prepared to fall in love once more with some, witty, good looking characters that are nothing like what you'd expect!

Read it!

And for a definition for my dictionary, here is one. Under B.
Budgie Smugglers; Speedos - aka, really small men's swimming garment!

Feb 5, 2009

Okay Dokey

So my Internet sucks, and I have moved from my crap-stasic old blog, the Fork In The Path, to here. Who thought up that strange title anyway?

If you see anything a bit strange, it's because I'm still.. redesiging the place, Ya Know? Moving the red couch to here, and the fairy lights to there.

It's a large and very exciting process!
I have some grandiose ideas for this blog, (hopefully soon my adsense will be verified!), one for instance is writing down my very cool verison of the dictionary at the end of some posts.

To start reading these, click on Katie's Dictionary, and hopefully by the time any one is reading this; I will have actually corrected some words that have appeared wrong in the dictionary.

Anyways, please keep on reading my posts as they come!

Catch Ya Later!

Feb 1, 2009


And A new icon from me, free for use.

"Does My Butt Look Big?" You can downsize it and use it as an avatar etc. I think it looks sort of retro, don't you think?

Anyways, me and my sister watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging yesterday on DVD, and so shortly, I'll tell you what I think of it. I know I loved her cat, Angus!!

Jan 31, 2009

Pink Candy Girl

An Icon I made of Jessica Stam, it's free for use, like everything on this blog!

Jaci's Ginger Cookies - Vegan and Gluten/Wheat Free

Jaci's Ginger Cookies

Today I was feeling creative so I got my simple biscuit recipe and decided to do some baking. I had to edit the recipe somewhat, considering I am intolerant to Gluten, Wheat, Malt, Barley and the etc and I have recently decided to be vegan. But I'm used to it, after been Gluten Free for nearly three years now. But here's that recipe folks!


  • 125g Butter. (now for vegans use whatever you like, but make sure if you are, for instance using Olivani, you need to put less in, because it's much softer than butter and it could make the mixture sort of runny.
  • 1 table spoon golden Syrup./1 teaspoon Baking power /Half a cup of Sugar/ 1 tablespoon milk (I used soy milk for this)/ Ground ginger/ 1 and a half cups flour (and for the flour I used corn, though any kind is good, and a mixture of tapioca, rice flour etc is great. There are often premade flours like this in the gluten free section of your supermarket, organic store etc.

Cream your butter and sugar, add the golden syrup and milk melted together, add sifted flour and baking power. At the same time add your ground ginger, about a table spoon but change the amount to your own preference. Bake in a moderate oven and I cooked mine for about 20Min's, but it may differ depending on your oven etc.


And please, read the posts below, as I do realise I am posting rather to fast for you to keep up and I spent a lot of time gathering stuff for it!

Every I Can Find On Twilight

Okay, I haven't been updating very well, and I actually spoke of deleting this blog, but I am determined to be committed, and so here yours truly is, writing very steadily. ***clap clap***

I have actually come up with the idea of this blog being about ALL of my favourite things, but mostly Twilight. So prepare yourselves for the change! And please, tell me what you think of my idea, and whether I should "go" a head with it.

So Dakota is "very close" to becoming Jane in the following movies.
I found this picture on The Confessions Of a Twi-crack and I think she looks gorgeous and defiantly old enough to play Jane.

I disagree with people who say she wouldn't.
I have watched interviews with her, and she seems very mature and quite capable. So don't worry your pretty little heads over it. ARE you an actress? Well if you are, why don't you go and tell the movie people that you'd be prefect for Jane..... Not going to do that.. Are you?

I also found this interview on the same site (Confessions Of A Twi-Crack) and it made me laugh.
It was about Ashley Greene confirming somethings on Twilight, about at fact that there would be a yellow Porsche, and werewolves (well actually shapeshifters really, not true Childern of the Moon).

And here was that interview.
Good news for Twi-hards; judging by the tips “Twilight” stars Ashley Greene and Kellen Lutz shared with Access Hollywood about “New Moon” on Thursday night, it sounds like the second installment in the series will remain faithful to Stephenie Meyer’s book.
“I can tell you there’s a yellow Porsche,” Greene revealed at the premiere of Dakota Fanning’s “Push,” confirming that the vehicle, which plays a special role in the “New Moon” book, will be in the movie.
“I can tell you there’s werewolves,” she added coyly. “I think (the details of ‘New Moon’ script are) kind of highly under wraps.”

Okay, I think that is very hirlaous, because; she is just talking about the book, and everyone knows that there will be those things in the movie or else it shouldn't be called New Moon.
Not funny? Maybe, um, you had to be there.
I also found this picture of Kristen Stewart looking totally different with blonde hair.
Doesn't she look awesome?

And here dear ones is a new Charm bracelet from Hot Topic, featuring a lion, dog like thing which I suppose is a wolf (Jacob), red beads, Rosalie's necklace Cullen Family Crest in small, Twilight Logo and the famous Apple Click on the link to check it out. Very cool.

And here is a picture of Rachelle Lefèvre looking very cool at the Push premiere, with an awesome leather Jacket that I am really digging.
I WANT it!