Jan 23, 2009

America Ferrera For Emily Young

Really, could Ugly Betty or Carmen from the Sister Hood Of the Travelling Pants play Emily Young from Twilight?
Emily is extremely beautiful apart from the fact that a wolf (Sam) mauled her face or as the people of Forks have it, she was mauled by a bear. Kinda the same sorta animal, but anyway.
And she is the love of Sam's life, for goodness sake, he imprinted on her (a word which you should know, if you are a Twilight Fan)

I can see that Ferrera is actually pretty nice looking, but I see Emily as some one with a bit more.. Elegance kinda, Ferrera seems to have a very warm, home made cookie kinda look, eating ice cream on the couch. Not, I'm in love with a wolf-man who was made for me since the day he was born sorta thing.

And there is specialution, that is not, this America, but America, crazy huh?
I know that I did read magazine, where Ferrera recommend Twilight books and said "I love them so much, I was like to my agent, if they make a sequel, hook me up with it!"

What do you think?
I personally think Camila Belle would be my first choice if I could pick anyone in the world in take part in the Twilight books, because thats kinda who I pictured while I was reading the books..
Tell me what your choice is in the comments please!
Laters, Katie

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