Jan 23, 2009

This is Serious Funny!

I never noticed, but there are actually tons and tons of Twilight Spoofs out there... I saw this one from http://twicrackaddict.blogspot.com/ and trust me! It is extremely awesome - for a spoof.

Though I kinda couldn't help but think they were taking the Mickey out of Twilight.
Ahh well, make what you want out of it, I found it funny to be sure, and please, Don't credit me for finding this, it was the Twi-crack addicted fan over at The Confessions Of a TwiCrack Addict.... And besides, I'm sure you are spilling over for the link right.. well here it is! Yay!!


  1. lol! I'm just checking out your blog! Not as good as mine! LOL! Just kidding, I'm gunna follow you, k!
    Twi-Crack Addict does post fast, really fast! I hope they take that stupid spam thing off my other blog soon, it's starting to bug me.