Jan 25, 2009

Dakota Fanning IS Trying Out For New Moon

She didn't say much to the interviewer, but yeah.. It looks like Fanning just maybe in New Moon.
"It's definitely possible. I really hope it works
out," Fanning says. "It would be a really fantastic experience I'm sure."

I have to say, I'm pleased.. I think that she would be awesome as Jane, I would argue with anyone who said no. For goodness sake, she is a brilliant actress and she fits the mold for Jane really well.

Anyways, theres for the news on Jane, and I love to hear what you thought of Jane and who should play her.

But the biggest news that I heard yesterday was the Vanessa Hugdens was a recently cast Twilight Star.. What The HECK?

I was reading my sister's gossip magazine, WHO or something like that, and there it was, Vanessa Hugdens talking to anther celeb and the caption saying the words from above. Recently cast Twilight Star, Vanessa Hugdens.

Is this just the rumour,finally reaching the mags, (which I have to admit, I fell prey to) or some actually news. It was the most interesting piece that I found in the magazine of course, Britney's bum and whether BradAnge or whatever their name is, can have anther baby isn't really on my hot list.

Anyways, make what you will of that..
At least Eward thinks I'm funny..........


  1. i never imagined vanessa as a new moon cast.

  2. I love Twilight too!!!! i have a site for it also, it's http://twilightsaga4ever.blogspot.com. i have a harry potter site too! seriously, please check out my Twilight blog!!!!

  3. yer i think that dakota fanning is a good actress but she's blonde isn't she? Is Jane supposed to have dark hair? Maybe they'll dye it.

  4. lol! Glad you're turning into a vampire...bite me??? ;)
    How cool would it be, to be a teenager forever...

  5. i changed my post on For the Love of Twilight. You have to go check it out, k!
    Lol! You are so random...but in a good way.

  6. Thanks for the follow. I love Twilight, so I will follow this blog of yours as well. :D Thanks for the comment, also.

    I think Fanning would be amazing for the part as Jane. And Vanessa, I have heard the rumors, but I'm not sure if it is true or not. She could be good for the part as Leah, I think that is what they were wanting her to play. So maybe, but I could definitely see her as Leah.

  7. I was very excited about the Dakota detail.
    I never liked her, until her last movie The secret life of bees. I just think the more grown up rolls suit her. So now I like her a lot and hopefully she completely has the part!

    As for Vanessa, ugh.
    She's so... HSM? Yeah.
    I don't think I could take her as serious, because she's usually breaking out into random song.

    For some reason it bothers me how they're trying to throw all the big stars in one movie, I don't really know why, just does.

    -Oh, and I think it's Bradglena, or how ever that's spelled lol.