Feb 1, 2009


And A new icon from me, free for use.

"Does My Butt Look Big?" You can downsize it and use it as an avatar etc. I think it looks sort of retro, don't you think?

Anyways, me and my sister watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging yesterday on DVD, and so shortly, I'll tell you what I think of it. I know I loved her cat, Angus!!


  1. soooo uhhh what happened to ur blog????? a littttttttleeee diff dont cha think?

  2. Haha. Love these icons. :D

    Thanks for the comment on my Twilight picture. And your Twilight picture is pretty good, I mean it definitely needs improvements, but whose artwork doesn't? It is still good for someone your age, 13 right? And you asked how old I was.. I am 14.

  3. I know, but the person that bought me it wanted me too, and it'll be nice to clip on my gym shorts.

    I like this blog better, LOL