Feb 5, 2009

Okay Dokey

So my Internet sucks, and I have moved from my crap-stasic old blog, the Fork In The Path, to here. Who thought up that strange title anyway?

If you see anything a bit strange, it's because I'm still.. redesiging the place, Ya Know? Moving the red couch to here, and the fairy lights to there.

It's a large and very exciting process!
I have some grandiose ideas for this blog, (hopefully soon my adsense will be verified!), one for instance is writing down my very cool verison of the dictionary at the end of some posts.

To start reading these, click on Katie's Dictionary, and hopefully by the time any one is reading this; I will have actually corrected some words that have appeared wrong in the dictionary.

Anyways, please keep on reading my posts as they come!

Catch Ya Later!


  1. you know i always follow your blog, girl!
    gunna update my one, the life according to may one, im kinda over it! LOL!
    Havent heard from you in ages, my internet is also super gay and screws up all the time!

  2. Hi !!
    I love your blog picture !
    It's lovely :)
    Take Care !!

  3. Ah! FRIENDS! Man, did I use to love that show. That's a great picture.