Feb 14, 2009

Long Week

Forgive me if I'm behind in everything, I was banned off the computer for a whole week for being rude to my mum... I'm sorry mum!
I had a brilliant week though! We went to see two movies, Marley and Me, with my whole family and my dad actually cried!
I thought that was really funny, because my dear father never cries at movies. I don't think I've ever really seen him cry!
I wasn't sad though, because in the end they were happy, because Marley, the very naughty, worstest (is that a word? I don't believe it is) dog in the whole world, ( who died) had had a nice life and they had told him that they loved him with all their hearts and gave him the most beautiful burial.
He died because his stomach flipped over or something weird like that.
This was after having been brought by this man, John (Owen Wilson), for his wife (Jennifer Aniston), as something to keep her from wanting a baby.
It worked for a couple of years, and then she had a baby, anther, and anther. Their life went on like that.
The saddest thing was it was based on a true story.
And to tell you the truth, I had small tears in my eyes, that I kept from falling down. There were a lot of red noses and eyes in the house.
The other movie was He's Just Not That Into You.
I went and saw this with the gals of my household. Dearest mummy, and meanie Sissie.
I had fun watching all the people line up. It was mostly sad looking female persons, and very tolerant men, few in numbers. The place was packed though! To the very seat.
I did think it was an unusual movie to be coming out on Valentines though. He's Just Not That Into You?
But for the actual movie I have no words really. It was wasn't my kinda thing I guess.
Mostly poor rejected women, like those lining up in the theater, but much better looking.
What else happened in my week? Well it was karate karate karate non stop, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. My dog has been sick a bit, a vomiting thing to do with some new dog-roll we think, but I'm pretty sure those of you reading this blog that aren't completely Gross, don't want to hear about that right? There goes that topic!

Well, we could talk about Australia going up in smoke and the poor people who have been dieing in the flames. I reckon those arsonists should get twenty years hard labour and then when their sentence is over, life. Pity they don't do that in Oz. At least, I don't think they do.


  1. i saw He's Just Not That Into You too!!!
    I thought it was good, not brilliant, but good.
    I have read Marley and Me but the movie is only on at like ten in the morning and eight thrity at night on weekends now so I can't be bothered going to the movies to see it. I'll just watch on DVD!
    Glad you like my blog and I see you used the button/sticker thing from my blog!!! I have pushed so many doors that say pull 8)

    Glad your back on the computer, just try not to annoy your mum too much! haha!

  2. Haven't seen any of those movies, but then again.. I rarely ever see any movies. Hope your dog gets better. :D