Feb 6, 2009

The City of Bones

Aah, Don't you love saying that? "What a novel idea!" I do, does that make me weird?

Maybe. But maybe, just maybe, if you spend so much time with your nose between the pale yellow pages of books, the words literally rub of on you.

I do know, that I try never to include like, or random, or um, in my lingo. I try and speak very clear and quite loud, especially if the person to which I am talking to is old, or perhaps mumbles him or hers self, because then I find they inclined copy my actions, even if it is unconsciously.

But sometimes I do the normal teenage, or tween thing. I stand backwards and shrug and grunt and say "Hello" in a low grumbling voice.
I one day want to be brave enough to lean forward and shake that person's hand! To say "Hi" and mean it! To ask them how their day was and all of that, etc etc.
I do speech and drama lessons once a week, and I do suppose, since then I have become more confident in my words.
We do all the silly stuff, that makes you giggle and laugh in that soundless way that is actually the biggest of laughs.
We make our Cs, and Ks, nice and crisp with our tongues, and repeat "CCccooKKk tooKkk a looKKKk at her CCccookkkery booKKkk" etc etc.
The lady who teaches me is funny, and certainly a very vibrant person, though sometimes she can be a bit draining, she is so full of energy!
We called her Elastigirl because she is so long and bendy! lol.

Last year we did an end of year concert, based on an Alice in Wonderland Theme.

I narrated "The Walrus and The Carpenter" for the little kids play, and then I recited a small poem, something about a Crocodile, I can't remember.
Right at the end there was a large piece, and whole chapter, called "The Mad Tea Party"
I was the Mad Hatter for this, and it was hilarious! I enjoyed myself tremendously! And I daresay, so did everyone else ( Notice my grandiose lingo?)
Anyways, speaking of novels and lingo and all of that extremely boring stuff. i would like to talk about books, oh dearest things!
The latest book I have read is the City of Bones - Book One - The Mortal Instruments - By Cassandra Clare.
It's an awesome book, with sexy demons aka; Shadow Hunters, Vampires and Werewolves and as said by Kelly Link, an epic urban fantasy at its demented delightful best. I agree 100%!
I have yet to read the second book, but I would defiantly recommend this to anyone still weaning off Twilight and HP, though in truth, it may just been anther series that is going to take away your heart again. Be prepared to fall in love once more with some, witty, good looking characters that are nothing like what you'd expect!

Read it!

And for a definition for my dictionary, here is one. Under B.
Budgie Smugglers; Speedos - aka, really small men's swimming garment!


  1. "um" and "Like" are a huge plaque to are uncouth generation.
    That is my humble opinion.

    I'm not sure what exactly I like better about this blog.
    Maybe just the feel, and the pictures!

    Oh, and I like that you are Katie again. I like it when people are just themselves!

    Later girl,

  2. I would love to be the Mad Hatter! What fun!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your posts are lovely- Keep it up!


  3. hey :D
    i like your blog and you should check out mine sometime!

  4. haven't heard from you in a while :'(
    LOL! How you been? Lots of karate???
    it's soooooo hot in Perth right now and even hotter in Victoria. Have you heard about the fires? There's a post on my blog all about it. So many people have died.
    There used to be an ad on for Trumpet ice creams about budgie smugglers. It was hilarious, there was a man walking from the beach and it was like "how far from the beach do you have to be before your budgies become undies?"
    lol, wish that ad would come back, it was funny!