Jan 31, 2009

Every I Can Find On Twilight

Okay, I haven't been updating very well, and I actually spoke of deleting this blog, but I am determined to be committed, and so here yours truly is, writing very steadily. ***clap clap***

I have actually come up with the idea of this blog being about ALL of my favourite things, but mostly Twilight. So prepare yourselves for the change! And please, tell me what you think of my idea, and whether I should "go" a head with it.

So Dakota is "very close" to becoming Jane in the following movies.
I found this picture on The Confessions Of a Twi-crack and I think she looks gorgeous and defiantly old enough to play Jane.

I disagree with people who say she wouldn't.
I have watched interviews with her, and she seems very mature and quite capable. So don't worry your pretty little heads over it. ARE you an actress? Well if you are, why don't you go and tell the movie people that you'd be prefect for Jane..... Not going to do that.. Are you?

I also found this interview on the same site (Confessions Of A Twi-Crack) and it made me laugh.
It was about Ashley Greene confirming somethings on Twilight, about at fact that there would be a yellow Porsche, and werewolves (well actually shapeshifters really, not true Childern of the Moon).

And here was that interview.
Good news for Twi-hards; judging by the tips “Twilight” stars Ashley Greene and Kellen Lutz shared with Access Hollywood about “New Moon” on Thursday night, it sounds like the second installment in the series will remain faithful to Stephenie Meyer’s book.
“I can tell you there’s a yellow Porsche,” Greene revealed at the premiere of Dakota Fanning’s “Push,” confirming that the vehicle, which plays a special role in the “New Moon” book, will be in the movie.
“I can tell you there’s werewolves,” she added coyly. “I think (the details of ‘New Moon’ script are) kind of highly under wraps.”

Okay, I think that is very hirlaous, because; she is just talking about the book, and everyone knows that there will be those things in the movie or else it shouldn't be called New Moon.
Not funny? Maybe, um, you had to be there.
I also found this picture of Kristen Stewart looking totally different with blonde hair.
Doesn't she look awesome?

And here dear ones is a new Charm bracelet from Hot Topic, featuring a lion, dog like thing which I suppose is a wolf (Jacob), red beads, Rosalie's necklace Cullen Family Crest in small, Twilight Logo and the famous Apple Click on the link to check it out. Very cool.

And here is a picture of Rachelle Lefèvre looking very cool at the Push premiere, with an awesome leather Jacket that I am really digging.
I WANT it!


  1. I really like the necklace a lot.
    I also think Kristen needs to stick to the dark hair.

  2. I really enjoy twilight too! I can't wait untill New Moon comes out! I think Dakota would make a good Jane. I think that Kristen Stewart is good at playing Bella. My favorite character is Alice. I just love her!!!